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It was sometime in February this year when I first encountered Emgoldex now known as Global Intergold on FB. A couple of friends messaged me about it, but never paid attention to it. Just like the rest, I admit I was skeptical. I have joined several networking companies in the past years but never gained anything from it. 

Until Jen Adams, a fellow blogger I’ve known for years now posted her first GIG rewards on FB. Timingly, I just freed our coins from our piggy banks that day and thought I’d give it a try. That time, I was still skeptical (not to forget the scam issues released by TV Networks) but convinced myself “Paano ko malalaman na totoo kung di ko susubukan?” So I messaged Jen and inquired. She said “For as low as Php1,ooo, pwede kang magjoin.” No further questions asked, that same day, I had the coins exchanged to a money bill and kept the Php1,000 aside, scheduled my trip to Olongapo to deposit the money to the bank. Looks like something was trying to stop me that each time I squeezed it in my schedule, it just does not happen and it didn’t happen.

A week later, I managed to chat with Jen and asked if they can just accept payments via Bayad Center, and she agreed. So I’ve finally sent my so precious Php1,000 via Cebuana Lhuillier hahaha!


It was a full month of observation from my end. Yes, I was just observing. Admittedly, I was still doubtful. I never engaged myself in group chats that the team had created. I asked questions though from the common people we know on separate chat windows and finally able to grasp discussions after a month from my joining date. I started posting quotes with #Emgoldex and receiving inquiries from friends. Invited people whom I know are open-minded and willing to try and invest in buying gold. The rest is history. To date, I was able to register 6 corpo accounts with the help of another mommy blogger, Maam El.

2 months and 14 days later, that’s yesterday, July 3, 2015, we finally reached the level where an account exits and receives its rewards. My Php1,000 turned Php4,931.51!! But as per the policy, if you do an advance exit, partial amount remains with GIG and you are able to get it after 14 days countdown.

This morning, Jen transferred my rewards straight to my bank account.


Just few minutes later, it already reflected on my account. Yeah, the power of online banking makes everything easier!!

Rewards from GIG

Oh! I forgot to mention, I have additional shares with 3 different corpo accounts. That was after the day I started inviting people and believing that Global Intergold really pays if you just open your mind, join their marketing program and work hard with your team. Bawal ang abangers!! Hahaha!

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