15 Years Went Wasted

Her 15 years went wasted, including her invested emotions with that i-don’t-even-know-what-to-name-that-guy! Tse! She’s been with him since 2nd year High School. They managed to keep their relationship “strong” for 15 years… But all these 15 years went wasted when he married another one.

Everyone in the group got married already. But not her. Until now. Every time I chat with her, I could feel the disappointments that she has. She sometimes pity herself for not even being asked “will you marry me” or at least discuss something about “weddings” with her. Cmon! 15 years is 15 years. Who wouldn’t expect!???

Two years ago, I believe, they had finally talked about it, but nothing confirmed. He would always take out his family’s situation blah blah blah! Years ago, they decided to become business partners. Thinking that it could grow as family business, someday…

Somehow, she still feels “useless”. That she has to do something better. To take her time off, she went to Japan and spend a 3 month vacation with her Auntie to find out that there are not-so-good-things happening back home.

I don’t know how she found out. But she told me one day it’s all over! He is getting married soon, with somebody else. The worst part, while she was away, he had used some of their “cheques” which he made her sign before she left, thinking that all will be used for business (both are signatories, that’s why). Duh! He used it for his wedding ek-eks! Kapal di ba?

If I’m not mistaken, the other partner has already withdrawn his share after learning what just happened.

I wish that she’d recover soon. That she could move on fast. 15 years. All went wasted. It’s been months since I last talked to her. I hope all is well with her.

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  1. it doesn’t necessarily have to be called “wasted” diba? i’m sure she went through love and happiness during those 15 long years, so hindi din naman “wasted”.

    but my god, i can’t imagine the getting over that she needs to do. pero whatever or however long she needs, she can definitely do it. overcome the guy, i mean. with friends and new acquaintances, she’ll slowly get by šŸ™‚


  2. well, as they say in a pinoy proverb: kung hindi uukol, hindi bubukol. baka these ex-couple are really not meant to be that’s why those treasured 15 years didn’t last to forever.


  3. hi – i guess, some girls just never learn. a close friend’s been doing the same dance – she’s in and out of bad relationships for years — kahit na anong asar ko sa mga boytoys nya, i remain a true friend. brutal na nga ako minsan, but she goes on and on… pero i dont give hope – i am sure sooner, magigising rin sya. let’s hope and pray!


  4. @ Gracita : Eh kasi dati pa we told her na may babae yan, college pa kami nun, she won’t listen. Pinaabot pa ng 15 years. šŸ™

    @ Feng : Sabagay…

    @ Raqgold : Mahal daw eh bwehehehe!


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