Falling in a queue and missing payments have always been a problem for me. It’s either I pay penalties for not paying on time due to my tight schedule or asked my mom to pay my bills for me, which I feel inconvenient, too.

Until lately, when I realized I can do that through Internet Banking. I never thought about it actually when I am enrolled in BDO. This month I made sure I won’t miss any of my Smart bills and paid online. Few hours later after the transaction was made, I received an SMS confirming that such amounts were received.

This morning, I scheduled payments for both my Internet and phone bills until December of this year, just in time when I receive my remittance from my husband. That way, less hassles will be encountered. No more bills will be missed unless there are no funds available in my account teehee!

Mom of two lovely girls, Derelle and Erchelle, who shares her adventures as she walks through motherhood, while working and having to do most things on her own.

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  1. Jillian says:


    I’ve never tried Internet banking before. I think it’s complicated, time-consuming and unsafe. I’m afraid that if I made some mistakes, I would lose my money. Yet, after reading about your experience, I think it might be convenient for me too. I’m considering trying it out.


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