5 Places You Should Not Miss in Edinburgh

The locals of Edinburgh in Scotland boast of a city that hugs cycling as a common way of transportation to be able to save on energy, at the same time, promote health and wellness by giving body exercise and drastically lessening air pollution. As a tourist, motored wheels make the visits practical. Make sure to see the 5 places you cannot see anywhere else.

1. The Edinburgh Castle is one of the finest of all castles in the world, historically full from the 9th century BC. It’s the top tourist destination with 1.3M visits in 2011.

2. Learn more about Scotland’s history by going to the National Museum of Scotland since it’s chronologically arranged.

3. The Holyrood Palace is the official residence in Scotland of the Monarch of the United Kingdom which includes a complimentary audio tour.

4. St. Giles Cathedral is the largest Presbyterian church which has a distinctive crown tower that can be seen in different vantage points of the city. It was built in 1120s. 

5. If you want to see nature, the Royal Botanic Garden is the 2nd oldest kind in the UK, which was built in 1670, having 70 acres of wonderfully landscaped grounds which is just very near the city center.

There are a lot more places to see but be sure not to miss these in the list. Be sure to book early in one of the Edinburgh hotels to be able to get early booking discount. Book your flights early as well. Booking early is a common saving trick for travelers, but unfortunately, a lot of them still do not do it.

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