A Confession

I confess. And I admit. I miss my life in Bahrain. That includes the happenings, even the daily news that I read in the broadsheets {thanks to entertainment gossip, reading the news there from the website makes me feel I’m still there}, especially the people I spent time with and the places I frequented.

Strange…. but when I was there I terribly missed my family here. I even once tried my luck of getting featured in one of the TFC shows “Kwentong Disyerto“. It was actually the video clips that I wanted to see from my family. But ABS-CBN contacted and asked me, if I want they can just feature it live in one of the KD’s segments “Kumustahan sa Gitnang Silangan“. It was indeed a fun and memorable experience being featured and watched by your fellowmen all over the world. See the screenshot of the video clip that I recorded:

If I’m not mistaken, I was already 7 months pregnant during that time. I will try to upload the video clip one of these days. Promise!

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