A techie conversation with my 5 y/o

As a part of my routine, I call the girls everyday. That day, Ate Deye bragged about something she learned from school. She said that she’s going to show it to me later when I get home. As soon as I reached home, she goes like “Mama, let me show you na what I learned from school, I need your laptop”. But I said let’s do it later after dinner.

After dinner, I thought she’d forget, but she did not. So I gave in. She asked me to turn on my laptop and the conversation went like this:

Deye: San yung Firefox mo dito?
Me: Eto… I opened a tab and then she won’t let me touch my laptop. Since it opens a Google search bar right away, she didn’t throw in another question. And then?
Deye: Look Mama ha, itatype ko ang Barbie dyan sa box.
Me: I knew she was going to show me how you get returns from searching through a keyword but I just didn’t want to spoil the moment. And then?
Deye: Tingnan mo Mama ha puro Barbie lalabas dyan. Sige pili ka.
Me: Wow! Onga no! Galing!

She had this big proud smile on her face. She says that it’s Teacher Diane who taught her that. Then, I told her “Anak, di mo ba alam na Blogger si Mama?” Before she could even ask another question, I answered immediately “Saka ko na eexplain sa’yo ano yung Blogger” hahaha!

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