Another year of OFW set-up

All his bags are packed. Goodies or should I call it pasalubong of course are not forgotten. The day I hate the most, sending my husband off to the airport. That means another year of waiting for us his family to be together again. Dropping off is always emotional. Everyone fastened in the van is quiet. No one dares to throw jokes.

If only it won’t look and feel odd, I won’t drop him at the airport. I always tell him, the same way I did when I was still an OFW working in Bahrain, that the moment you get off the car, never look back. If it’s hard for us, it is much harder for him. He’ll be alone there to earn for a living and be on his own even when he gets sick. Wash his clothes on his much awaited time off and still has to think what to eat for dinner. If only I could join him there the soonest, I would. But I also could not afford to leave the girls behind and hand them over to my parents.

Our days will be back to normal. Just the three of us. I’ll be back to my normal routine, cook dinner for us. My life has gotten a little lighter in the past 3 weeks. I won’t have to cook ‘coz he does it. I had my better half helping me out straighten things up each time the girls wrestle and rumble over some things. I’m back to being a single parent which gets harder these days especially that Ishi, my bunso has gotten used to seeing him everyday and calling him Dada!

We had our usual talk last night specifically about parenting. He pointed out my weaknesses and mentioned that I am doing a good job as a mother yet I still have to learn the word “patience”. If only it was as easy as encoding InetSoft’s report designer data. Things like that which we normally talk about a night before he leaves.

I really hope there’d be no crying blues later today. I remember last year when he was also going. The moment he got off the van, Deye became quiet. When I looked at her, she was literally crying with tears rolling down her face. That actually made me cry! Ishi was just a year old that time and didn’t know anything about him going. This time, I’m sure it’ll be more emotional even for him. Bunso and him had a great bonding in the past weeks and that I’m sure will make him so emotional and homesick.

So much to talk about OFW set-up which I’m sure some of you could relate to, but for now let me start counting the days and wait for January to come, again.

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  1. This is the real battle of an OFW…
    kaya naman i’m trying hard to do my very best as an OFW… at the same time makatulong someday para ‘di na umalis ng bansa ang iba nating kababayan.


  2. this is the very reason why we can’t afford to go abroad though times here in the philippines has really been so hard sometimes. Ang lungkot lang kasi talga..:(


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