Are You A Rice-Person?

When I was a kid, kapag ayaw ko ng ulam, I’d ask my mom for tubig-asin na sabaw and for sure I’ll finish the rice on my plate. Or sometimes, yung kape na sinasabaw sa kanin. Hehehe!

When I was in college naman, I can finish 2 bowls (orders) of rice with just a piece of fried fish. Mas malakas talaga ako sa rice unlike other people na ginagawang kanin ang ulam and vice versa. Sometimes, the “tindera” would ask me twice “‘neng, dalawang rice nga ba?”. Imagine a skinny girl ordering 2 bowls of rice hahaha!

Ikaw? Madami ka din bang carbo na naipon sa katawan mo? 😉

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  1. I am. but at times mas masubra pa sa two cups kaya am big the way i am now. Since i was a kid rice person na talaga ako at one time di daw ako na satisfy sa kinain ko i asked my mom how many cups she cooked sabay iyak. hahaha


  2. Ay teka Kimmy, I’m talking about soup bowl na size ha, di yung malaking-malaking bowl, baka magulantang mga tao sa akin hahaha!


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