Asthma attacks again

For almost 4 months, Ishi, my bunso, had been in her best healthy condition. She may had fever in the past months but mainly due to the change of weather and teething. Until recently after we traveled to Polomolok, she got sick again. It first started with a high fever while we were still in Polomolok just before the wedding. Good thing, it has been my habit to bring along my kids’ medicines whenever we travel. In fact, I had also told their nanny to keep the nebulizer in the hand carry bag.

Fortunately, there was no asthma attack until we got back to Olongapo. 3 days after we reached home, cold, fever and bad cough started to bother her. I have already anticipated such scenario and when I’ve seen that she was having a hard time breathing, I nebulized her even without her Pedia’s instruction.

I am glad she’s a little better now.

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  1. Hi,

    When our kids are sick, we really cant sleep well specially hearing them cough so hard. What do you use for your nebulizing solution? My pedia recommended to use asmavent when my kid is catching his breath,.



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