B2B Telemarketing

Just like the others, I belong to the group who does not fully understand what and how important and effective B2B Telemarketing is. From what I’ve read, these are the few and simple tips on how to conduct telemarketing and get a good result:

  • Know the rule and objective first and that is to meet and do business with people who understand what you do. Don’t just introduce something which you think won’t be helpful for them.
  • Have your targeted list ready.
  • Prepare a script but do not read it word for word. Use it as a guide for you not to forget what to say about your products/services. Also, make sure that your list is realistic and not exaggerated.

Hmmmm… I guess I need to know more, if not  telemarketing at least about marketing strategies.

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  1. In the competitive world of advertising, it’s always a must to come up with new concepts and ideas to appeal to the masses. Advertising agencies need help from various tools and channels of communication as they can. And this is where telemarketing can be of valuable help to advertisers.


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