Bangles shopped at NLEX Mega Station

Can’t really take my eyes off bangles especially if it’s a real steal! The last time we went to Manila to drop my brother off the airport, we stopped by NLEX Mega Station to have lunch and saw this shop inside that offers 50% discount on footwear and accessories.

Multiple bangle{4-pcs multiple bangle for Php100}

Multipke bangle in silver{6-pcs multiple bangle in silver for Php100}

Paper mache{Paper Mache Bangle for Php50}

Stone bangle{Stone Bangle for Php100}

Animal print bangle{Animal Print Bangle for only Php50}

5 items to add on to my bangles collection!


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  1. Oh wow! lots of really nice bangles! πŸ™‚ I want one! HAHA! I also love accessories that are not overpriced!


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Yup, and when I see them at good price, I panic!


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