Boxful of Memories

Do you keep one? I do. I am a certified “senti” bwehehehe! I keep old letters or anything that simple matters to me.

To name a few, there are bus tickets, restaurant napkin tissues, boarding passes, old letters from my family, greetings cards, etc…. Yeah, I still keep a copy of my first ever plane ticket and boarding pass hahaha!

I went to visit India for the first time in year 2003. Said to myself, “hmmmm, another set of collections”. So I did. In every restaurant that we dined in, I took the bills and wrote the date on a tissue and kept them. When we rode on a train, I listed every single station that we passed hehehe! Of course, I included them in my “box”.

Btw, do I have the tendency of becoming an OC with a D? I hope not. I’m just too senti, maybe…

How ’bout you? Do you have one?

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  1. Ooohh… I collect souvenirs too. I have a hard time throwing things away which is not always good kasi ang dami ko tuloy garbage ;(.


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