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When someone falls sick in the family, I panic a lot. It could be the trauma that I’ve had with my dad during and after his passing, and I have this notion that I am at fault since I am the one around them. One way or another, I am the one responsible.

Just last month, I had to rush my daughters to the hospital on different days. Thank God I can drive now! As usual, my youngest suffered from viral fever and asthma, but this time with rashes all over her body and face, while my eldest had an accident while on her roller blades.

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The importance of a pleasant workspace at home

One of the many perks of working from home is that you can either squat on the floor and move around the house without any hassle. As long as there is a stable internet connection, no problem. Although in my case, I prefer to have a working corner for myself, especially that I spend half of my working hours during bedtime. If I work in bed, there is a tendency that I doze off without knowing it. Anyway, this corner used to be the space for our shoes. The moment I had the built-in shoerack made downstairs, I thought this could be a perfect place for my working corner.

A pleasant working space makes a big difference, well, at least for me.  It helps me boost my morale and increases my productivity.

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On becoming a more productive VA

I am completing my first month at work next week, that’s 9th of February to be exact. Despite being swamped with marketing campaigns and other related tasks at times, and the fact that I  am still getting myself more familiarized with all the tools and processes, I didn’t feel any pressure, at all. I can call it “time-management” but I want to believe that it’s also the positive attitude as a team that we all got.

It does make a lot of difference when you can work at peace, with no pressure, and demanding bosses. The fact that I work from home makes everything easier for me, especially now that my Internet has been upgraded and the best part about it was they are paying for the monthly add-on payment. Such a big help! I have no more reason to whine just because I couldn’t get some things done smoothly due to slow connection. In fact, I can watch video clips and tutorials and movies on YouTube with no buffering. I can now complete my tasks way faster than the usual because of this. The upgrade has really been a great help!

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My first long drive

I can no longer count the number of attempts I’ve had in the past 8 years until my dad left us. Believe me, I was only aiming to at least reach the hospital (which is a 30-minute drive from our house) for possible emergencies especially that my mom stays with me now, plus the fact that I have two kids who require frequent trips to school events, either to Dinalupihan or SBMA where the other two branches are situated. It was my dad who used to drive and do errands for us but now everything is on my shoulder. My brother left for work a month ago and I have no one else to tag along with me for the same purpose. 

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A simple guide to becoming a “successful” Virtual Assistant

The most frequently asked question when someone wants to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) is “How do I become one?”

Simple. You need to have a personal computer and an Internet connection. Okay, that’s too obvious. There are important points that you need to take note of in able for you to bring it  to the next level, such as:

Know the legit online sites that offer home-based jobs. To name a few are:

Offline or online, home-based or office-based, having a comfortable work place is very important. What more if you are able to enjoy the biggest advantage of working from home with the flexible hours. Just make sure that your working corner is convenient for work. Working in bed is okay but I don’t see it ideal because it makes me feel sleepy, making me doze off and leave the works that I still have to complete.

In my case, I have a working corner next to the bedroom, with proper computer table and office chair, set-up with a night lamp since I mostly  blog and do other tasks at night when the kids are asleep. 

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