Clearascar, the scar solution in a tube

Clearascar is 100% silicone, clinically demonstrated to enhance the presence of scars is as meager as two months.

Advances in innovation have fortunately made it workable for scars to be evacuated with practically zero follow. Be that as it may, the best scar medications accessible could be restrictively costly and would require a visit to a surgical facility. 

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Le’Drea bags are love!

My newest favorite local brand for bags, Le’Drea Bags!! I always have this second thought when purchasing bags online. They can be deceiving at times, and not to forget the cost of each bag plus the SF to get to your place. I’m surprised that they cater wholesale prices to non-sellers at 50% off for a minimum of 3pcs per transaction. So there, grabbed the chance and enjoyed 50% off of these 4 items.

I got two for me (the first two), 1 for mom Francia Naval Cortez (cream) and 1 for Ate Rosemarie Tating (grey sling). Not bad for Php680-Php700 (before discount) each. Good quality and a very accommodating seller. 

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How To Help Boost Your Man’s Confidence

We all know about the hardships women face at the hands of the body-image media. Female celebrities are regularly scrutinized for putting on weight, for losing weight, for getting wrinkles and just about anything else the magazines can throw at them! Sadly, this criticism has leaked into the subconscious of many ‘normal’ women across the world too, with many of us feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with our bodies. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. To counteract this tirade of abuse women face, plenty of affirming body-positivity campaigns have sprung up in retaliation, so it could be argued that women’s body-culture is changing. But where exactly do men fit into all this? Generally speaking, men don’t really get a look in when it comes to body-positivity, as it is frequently assumed that every man is confident with the way they look. This isn’t always necessarily true, however, as the media is just as bad with portraying unachievable images of men as it is with women. The man in your life may be harboring some significant body image and confidence issues, which can have a prominently adverse effect on his quality of life. If you think your other half is struggling with the way they look, here are some things you can do to help him.  

Offer practical advice It will come as no surprise to hear that most men don’t really like talking about their feelings – so chances are, your man is reluctant to even to address the things that are getting him down about his body. Living sadly in silence, however, is not going to solve anything. You might feel awkward doing so at first, but offer some practical advice regarding what he can do to eradicate his problem. Perhaps, for example, he was born with a condition such as gynecomastia, and as a result, needs gynecomastia surgery. He may feel too embarrassed to bring this up himself, so giving him a gentle nudge can sometimes be all the encouragement he needs. 

Be a team Everywhere you look in advertising, and in movies, images of men with strong chests and sculptured abs stand out. This can leave ‘regular’ men feeling insignificant in comparison, and sometimes even depressed. Exercise is great for both the body and brain, so why not suggest to your man that you both go and work out together? He may see it as a way to simply spend time with you, so if he gets fitter and therefore more confident, it’s merely a bonus.

Compliment him As modern as most relationships are these days, plenty of us still subconsciously fall back into traditional gender roles from time to time. Years ago, men were regarded as being relatively emotionally dulled-beings – but a little compliment here and there can go a long way for both genders! If your partner always tells you how nice you look but you never return the favor, make a point of mentioning something positive to him about his appearance every once in a while. It doesn’t take any effort, and it can give him the little boost he needs to go about his day with more confidence.

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The Curly Hair Girl Guide

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Not every girl has straight, long and luscious hair. Some women have natural curls, and they need embracing. Curly hair may not be the most popular, but it doesn’t have to be a hairstyle that women put up with. The truth is that curly hair can look just as beautiful as straight hair as long as you treat it with love and attention. How do you do that, you ask? Well, you can start by taking a nosey at the tips underneath. They should help your curly locks be the envy of the neighborhood.

Know Your Type To some women, all curls are the same. However, that isn’t true, and it is the biggest mistake you can make. There are dozens of different types, and you need to know which one applies to your hairstyle. Are they short and tight? Or maybe they’re longer and looser. Whatever the case, they need treating differently. It’s for this reason why understanding your curls is the first port of call to making them look the part. If you don’t get them, there is no way to maintain your hair properly. And, that affects the overall style. 

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Why You Should Start Spending More On Your Wardrobe

Like many people, you might be making a point to spend your hard-earned money more on experiences than material possessions these days. While there are certainly benefits to this principle, from time to time, it can cause people to make wasteful or generally unwise decisions. With the abundance of labels and stores there are these days, a lot of people tend to shy away from the fashion industry, and try to spend as little as possible on their wardrobes. If this sounds like you, then good news! Spending more on clothes can actually be much more economical. Here’s how…

They’ll be Wearable for Longer

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It’s not a trade secret that higher standards of work lead to products that last longer. You’ve probably had countless times where you’ve bought some piece of clothing because it was cheap or on offer, only to get a couple of uses out of it before it began losing its shape, or tearing at the seams. Sure, there are some rip-offs that make it onto the hangers. Generally though, more expensive clothing is made to a higher standard of quality. From the fabrics themselves that last longer to the quality of the stitching, the clothes that you spend more on are generally designed to last longer. When you think about it in a “cost per wear” sense, it’s plain to see that higher-quality garments are much more cost-effective than anything on the cheaper end of the scale. 

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