Tips for keeping your things secured when you leave home for the holidays

Leaving your home empty this holiday season? You’re not alone. But in order to avoid a classic Christmas-movie-esque break in (which won’t be as laughable as the movie Home Alone), you should probably take some of these steps to securing your belongings before you leave for the holidays.

Lock your home. Seems obvious right? Most burglars just walk in through an unlocked door or window. A spring-latch lock is easy prey for burglars so make sure you have a deadbolt instead, which defies any such attack. 

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Go organic! Check out Nature’s Skin Botanicals!

Gifts received become more precious and special when you really like them, and actually use them. Just last week, the community Wonderful Moms, where I co-administer, celebrated our first ever Red Party. It was a blast with wonderful moms who traveled near and far, took time and effort to be there, great food, fun-filled hours of games and chit-chats, showered with gifts and prizes.

One of the many sponsored items we received was from Nature’s Skin Botanicals. In my red loot bag included these: Serenity Spray, Organic Soap and Baby Balm. Let’s get to it one by one.

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Are Old Parenting Filipino Practices and Beliefs Worth Reviving?

I became a mom for the first time 11 years ago, at the age of 30. At that time, I heard and actually followed (and still following) some of the old practices and beliefs that the older generation practiced for years. Here are some of the practices that I grew up with and am aware of:

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Po and Opo. Children are taught to say “po” and “opo”  whether you are related or not. It is a must to insert these words in every sentence that you use when talking to elders. Unfortunately, my children hasn’t practiced this that much as their first language was English. However, I always remind them about it and they actually do when they remember. 

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Keeping Your Cool In A Heat Wave

Only during the coldest days of winter does the summer heat feel so appealing. Once the summer is here, you find yourself rapidly struggling with sun-related health issues – sunburns can get very serious if you’re not careful – and trying to relax while the temperatures keep rising. Suddenly the hot weather has lost its appeal. And it’s understandable why: The temperatures are just so high that in some regions it is too hot for planes to fly. Needless to say, it can be difficult to relax during the summer when you’re too warm to be comfortable. But keeping your cool in summer doesn’t mean that you should just stay inside and wait for the cold months of the year to come back. There are still a few tips that can help you to survive the hot weather and to get comfortable, even when the sun is high and hot outside.

                                                                                            Keeping cool

Stay Hydrated

In summer more than in any season, it is essential to stay hydrated. Indeed, your body naturally loses more water through perspiration. Consequently, you want to ensure that you drink enough water. As a general rule of the thumb, you should be drinking around 30 mL per kg of body weight to keep your body functions performing normally. This is the equivalent of eight cups of water throughout the day for most people. But you don’t need to limit yourself to water only. Watermelon, cucumber, and even flavored water are a healthy way to vary tastes throughout the day and keep your water intake high. It’s important to remember that while ice creams, cocktails, and frozen coffees might be refreshing, they are not able to keep your body hydrated. Consequently, while a scoop of ice cream might cool you down, it doesn’t help your body to support its natural functions. Remember to drink water throughout the day to help your body to lower its temperature.

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A First Pet For Your Kids

Every parent faces the dilemma of getting a pet for their child or children at some stage. Little ones can be very persuasive! If they have worn you down and you have agreed that an animal friend is going to join your household, all that’s left to do is choose what type! Here are some ideas.

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Dogs are a kid’s best friend A dog is a lovely addition to any household. Your child will love having a pal to romp around with and to help them cause mischief. Children who like to develop strong bonds will do very well with a dog in the family. They are also great for teens who feel that no-one understands them. The relationship with a dog is very deep and intense and they literally become a member of the family.

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