Get Rid of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) Virus + Giveaway

BioCair provides a range of lifestyle products that offer 99.99% protection from harmful germs in the environment and on common surfaces, thus keeping you and your family in the pink of health.  Guess I’m lucky to be able to try the first dibs of this powerful pocket spray. Just in time, my nephew stays in the house mostly during daytime and gets super active touching everything close to him. 

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Adding Volume and Thickness to Thin Hair

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If you have thin hair, the chances are that you probably crave volume and thickness. You may think that this is unachievable and that you are going to be stuck with your thin hair forever. You may think that getting extensions is the only solution. This is certainly not the case. Read on to discover the many ways you can add some volume and thickness to your thin hair.

Invest in treatment that has been specifically designed for thinning hair – If you do a bit of browsing online, you will see that there are plenty of different products that provide treatment for thinning hair specifically. So, it is a good idea to fill up your bathroom cabinet with some good treatment items. Of course, this does not mean that you should buy aimlessly and simply go for any product that has ‘thin hair’ written on it. Take the time to do your research and read reviews that have been left by previous customers. Read their comments to find out about their own situation and the problems they were having with their hair. After all, not everyone with thinning hair has the same issues. You can then find the products that are most suitable for you. 

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What’s Your Anti-aging Skincare Plan?

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Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or beyond, time is going to catch up to all of us at one point or another. That’s why experts believe that it’s wise to start looking into anti-aging almost as soon as you reach your early 20s, asserting that protection and prevention is a far sounder strategy than making an attempt to correct signs of aging later in life. Here are some guidelines to help you create an anti-aging skincare plan that’s appropriate for your age:

During Your 20s: Start Developing Good Habits During your 20s, you’re highly unlikely to spot signs of aging just yet. That doesn’t mean you can afford to be complacent about your skincare, though— this is the time to start developing good skincare habits so that you can reap the rewards in the future. 

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How To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get to sleep. The usual culprits are restless children, a cold, or maybe even too much coffee. But when it’s none of those things causing your lack of sleep it can be frustrating, especially when you know you have an early start. There are ways to stop you from looking tired, but that’s not going to help with feeling tired. Below are four key things you should bear in mind if you want to achieve a restful night.

Time You give your child a bedtime, so why not have one for yourself?  Even if you’re not feeling tired, it’s important to get into bed at a decent time to help yourself unwind. Aim to be in bed between ten and eleven at night. It also helps to turn off the television and put down your phone about an hour before you get into bed. The glare of the screen can disrupt your body’s production of melatonin which helps regulate your sleep pattern.

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Go organic! Check out Nature’s Skin Botanicals!

Gifts received become more precious and special when you really like them, and actually use them. Just last week, the community Wonderful Moms, where I co-administer, celebrated our first ever Red Party. It was a blast with wonderful moms who traveled near and far, took time and effort to be there, great food, fun-filled hours of games and chit-chats, showered with gifts and prizes.

One of the many sponsored items we received was from Nature’s Skin Botanicals. In my red loot bag included these: Serenity Spray, Organic Soap and Baby Balm. Let’s get to it one by one.

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Dream On! Common Sleep Disorders and Solutions

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The vast majority of us experience troubles sleeping at one point or another, and we all know how washed out a bad night’s sleep makes us feel the next day. Often, there is a root cause such as stress, illness or what we have consumed during the day. Make a couple of adjustments and you can usually solve the problem. However, if you suffer from a regular sleep disorder, this can be seriously detrimental to your mental and physical well-being.  

The frustrating thing about many sleep disorder is that no matter how tired you feel, you simply can’t seem to drift off. This has a serious effect on everything from your mood to your energy levels, as well as increasing your chances of weight gain, accidents and suffering memory lapses. 

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