Jil Gyung Yi – A Total Vaginal Solution

Jil Gyung Yi enables comprehensive treatment and prevention of multiple symptoms, irritations, and inflammation of vagina such as vaginitis, vaginal looseness, dryness, etc. in a most natural and effective way.

I learned that they have recently introduced Jil Gyung Yi in the Philippines. I actually first heard about this from my cousin who resides in Korea, and says that it’s worth to give it a try.  Jil Gyung Yi also claims to be safe for children’s use age 4 y/o above, but being the paranoid mom myself, I wouldn’t let my girls try these. Mild soap and water will do just fine on them.

Here are the ways on how to use it: 

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3 Reasons Why Reading More Books Can Improve Your Life

Image via Pexels

Out of all the different hobbies that have the ability to change your life for the better, simply taking the time to become an avid reader must be one of the all-time bests. And unlike many other hobbies and strategies for overall well-being and relaxation, reading can be done anywhere. You can sit curled up in front of the fireplace with a good book, or in the garden, or on the bus. With new fangled e-reader technology, you can even take your entire library with you on your travels courtesy of products such as the kindle or nook.

Here are several reasons why you should read more books: 

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5 Enjoyable Habits for a Happier Living

Do not look for a reason to be happy. Just be happy. If you are happy for a reason, it is not going to last forever”, this is one of the best quotes of all times and a perfect fit for a lifestyle that we have incorporated today.


In this day and age of stressful living, here are 5 enjoyable habits that will keep you happy and joyful all the time;

Read good books Book is a man’s best friend. Pick a book that is positively impacts your life, gives you a new perspective and boosts your confidence about being happy in this stressful world. 

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4 Common Hair Problems Solved

It isn’t nice when you look in the mirror and see damaged hair. However, none of us are impervious to hair problems. Whether it’s dry hair because of cold weather or damaged hair because of coloring, many of us deal with common hair problems on a day to day basis. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. There are many ways you can nurse your hair back to health, some of them home remedies that have been used for centuries. So, whatever your hair is suffering from, take a look at these quick and easy solutions.


Dry Hair is a nightmare to deal with, especially during the Autumn and Winter in some countries. It becomes unruly and styling is near to impossible. It’s obvious what dry hair is missing – moisture. But, it isn’t always easy to get the moisture back in quickly. Using bucket loads of conditioner just doesn’t hack sometimes. So, try this homemade remedy instead. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of mayonnaise and one whole egg and mix together. The consistency makes it easy to apply to your hair. Brush through and cover for thirty minutes. Continue with the treatment for as long as you think you need it but no more than three times a week. 

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LyCo’s Mentholated Balm and a Cute Pen Massager

Lately, I have been feeling ill, getting strong palpitations combined with a terrible headache down to my nape. Diagnosis? High Cholesterol. Okay, I was not surprised! Two years ago, I was also diagnosed with the same problem and took 10mg Simvastatin for a while. I know, I didn’t take it religiously but cut down from eating rice last year resulting to a weight loss. All the while, I thought I was okay because I lost weight the way I wanted it, from 63kgs down to 55kgs.

Two weeks ago, since I didn’t have an Internet connection, I grabbed the chance to go for my long overdue check-up and was advised to rest for at least 5 days, so that I could take a break from using the computer, too. Those 5 days helped me recovered, was able to get the much needed sleep that I was lacking, but I guess this headache has decided to live with me forever. Good thing I have this mentholated balm which somehow relieves me from time to time (apart from the prescribed 40mg Simvastatin). I love its mild minty scent compared to other balms available in the market, making you cry when inhaled and applied. Its consistency is also perfect as it does not leave a greasy and sticky feeling. By the way, I got this from LyCo Shop.

Look what I’ve also found at the stationery section in SM Olongapo!!? A cute pen masssager! Yes, it’s a pen! I got it for Php29.75 only. Very handy and it works really well! How does it work?

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