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Sep 03

Just like the rest in the country, I also welcomed the BER months happily! Yes, I’m one of the many Filipinos who starts the holiday season once September kicks in! It had been my practice to putting up the tree come September 1. This time, I’m late already. It’s not that I failed to do it this year but just worried that another typhoon will hit our place causing us floods. But of course, that won’t stop me from doing what I had practiced in the past years. My tree will be up soon!

In the meantime, let me say it again, happy BER months!

Jul 29

When I learned that I was going to Holland last month, I told myself, by hook or by crook, I must have a picture taken with windmill as my background. Luckily, the place where my boss’ sister lives has a windmill nearby and we went there on our 3rd day in Limmen for a visit and dinner. I took that opportunity with few shots. Yes, just few shots as I was freezing to death.


A perfect jumpshot