Misconceptions about Home-Based Businesses

When it comes to working from home, there are host of misconceptions floating about out there. Those that don’t work from home think it isn’t a ‘real’ business; those who do always treat it like one. There are misconceptions about this style of work coming from all angles. Below, we will seek to dispel a few of these misconceptions as well as give tips on how to beat them daily.

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Ways to Find Balance for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs)

Although working from home is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far, I still have this thought at times that what if I unintentionally neglect my most important role in life – being a “mom” to my children. Being visible is not just it. Yes, they see me seated on my chair as soon as they come home from school, but there are times that I couldn’t keep up with what they really need from me. Guess, I’m just lucky to have a house helper around to assist me, but there will always be things that only a mom can and must handle, personally.

Some days, I feel like things are working the way I like it. I get to spend time with my children on weekends, and in between my working hours when they need assistance on their homework. On other days, I feel like quitting and just be a SAHM, focusing on household chores, school events and the likes.

I’ve been an on and off WAHM for over 9 years now and finally settled to being one again, just this year. I still remember vividly when my brother

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Choosing between career and family

It’s tough to make a decision between continuing a career and staying at home when a child is born. There are lots of guilt issues to deal with no matter which choice was made, not to mention the financial roller coaster a family rides with the birth of a baby. Especially, considering the love and joy a child brings into a home, a mother would usually rather stay and play with them instead of going to work.

Why choose when you can do both? Fortunately, there can be balance between family and career. Many employers these days offer home-based jobs with flex time or shared job options. These types of jobs can keep a mother working, offering a big boost to the family’s income and eliminating the guilt from not bringing in any of the household money. Another bonus is that moms still get to spend quite a bit of quality time with their kids, teaching them, loving them, and growing with them.

If these options are not for you,

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