Indoor Gardening Is Easier (and More Amazing) Than You Think!

Fewer urban dwellers these days are able to get places with their own garden. More people are moving into apartments than houses and, while apartment living does come with a bunch of benefits, it can make you feel less connected with nature due to the lack of a garden. But why not consider indoor gardening? Here are some of the amazing benefits.

Green space is good for the mind Indoor plants help lift your spirits. Green space has been shown to be good for the mind in several studies, and bringing plants into your home helps bring that green space inside. Doing some minor gardening work indoors is also really good for reducing stress; it also helps you feel a lot more productive and accomplished!

It’s not as difficult as you think We associate the growing of plants with lots of fresh air and sunlight. While we can go those things indoors to some degree, it will always be in a limited amount, right? We tend to associate the growing of plants indoors with expensive equipment and, um, illegal operations. But indoor ‘grow lights’, available in many stores and also listed by LumiGrowth, are more affordable and easier to install and use than ever. Growing things indoors is nowhere near the impossible task you may have once thought it was. 

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Finally found an efficient working laptop/bed table

I have been on a continuous search for a reliable and an efficient working table but always failed. It took me a while to finally found the most efficient one. I bought a laptop table years ago with a built-in cooling fan but I found it too small for the laptop that I currently use. Then I found this white tablemate online as an option. Tablemate is physically nice at but functions less. Its legs are too shaky and keeps on moving when I type something.

Just last month, I chanced upon this wooden laptop bed table via Lazada and took the risk of buying it. You know sometimes, photos online can be deceiving that could get you disappointed once you received them. I’m glad I went ahead on this one. It cost me Php800 + Php99 Shipping Fee, and it’s cash on delivery. Not bad eh?

What I love about this table is that there’s an enough room for a mousepad/mouse. I just can’t work effectively and quickly without these two. 

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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for the Winter

In other parts of the world, Summer is in full swing now and it’s probably too late to do any home improvements or renovations to prepare for the heat. Perhaps, you wanted to fix the air conditioning or maybe you wanted to get the garden ready for summer parties, but you simply didn’t have enough time to finish them before summer came around. Sadly, there’s not much you can do now, so why not prepare for the next big seasonal change: winter.

Winter comes with a lot of challenges depending on where you live. For some, it’s a time of white snow and frosty roads. For others, it’s just a cold, damp mess with a lot of rain. No matter what situation you’ll be in, make sure you’re prepared with some of these tips. Remember; it’s never too late to prepare for winter!


Clear the gutters This is a tedious task especially if getting access to your gutters is hard, but it’s essential that you clean up any leaves that are already starting to fall onto your roof and slide down into the gutters. The more junk that’s left in your gutters, the more tiresome it will be to clear out when the rain starts to pour down. Ensure that you’re giving your roof a good examination while you’re up there as well. You don’t want any cracks to appear during the transition to winter, and since it’s nice and hot outside, it’s easy to climb onto the roof and inspect it without fear of it raining on top of you. 

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Tired Bathroom? Check Out These Ideas To Liven It Up!

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. There’s a good reason for this – you don’t spend your time there! It’s for hygiene and relaxing in the tub when you get a spare hour to indulge. It’s for this reason that the bathroom is often overlooked and the last one to see any kind of upgrade. We upgrade our kitchen, living room and bedrooms as those are the places we spend time being social in or relaxing, and this means the bathroom is the last one to be considered.

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When you want to jazz up a tired space, you could usually start from scratch. Pulling out old rubbish tubs and tiles and getting them to recycling is important to get you started. Next, check out sites like to get help clearing away all the old and tatty waste. Your bathroom that has become tired and old can be carted off to the rubbish dump with a little help. You now have a blank canvas to start with, so check out our bathroom ideas to help you liven up the little room that is often ignored.

New Suite. Your bathroom may have had the same suite for decades, so a new, more modern suite like these ones are a great place to start. Get a suite that suits you. If you love a hot power shower, then converting your room into a wet room is a good idea.

New Accessories. One of the most fun aspects of decorating is the accessories! Waterfall shower heads like this one can make you feel like you’re in luxury! Adding some splashes of colour with your accessories can also make a wonderful difference to a previously drab room with no personality.

Mirrors. Bathrooms are small rooms, so adding lots of mirrors can make it look bigger and reflect the light around the room. You could choose to tile the room in mirror tiles, or just have a wall with mirrors covering the whole thing.

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Investigating What Lurks Behind The Curtain When Viewing A New Home

Buying a new home is unlike any other purchase in you’re ever going to make in your life. It involves quite literally picking up your life and starting anew in a new home, neighborhood, perhaps a city and living standard. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying up or down, regardless of the price you should see the potential home you buy as an investment. Buyers are exposed to massive pressure the selling agent because of the rising demand for homes, which puts a time constraint on almost every property on the market. But rushing a decision can be a detrimental mistake which cannot be rectified easily and can cause irreversible financial harm. So, when you’re looking at a home you’re interested in, take what you see with a pinch of salt. It may not be all that it seems, and looking behind the curtain to see the skeletal health of a property is the laying foundation of a good purchase.

                                                                                      Photo by – contribs

The heating system A crucial part of buying a home is knowing that it will perform its most basic function of keeping the occupants warm. Moreover, it’s also about being comfortable, so modern homes also have air condition installed as standard for the warmer months. Both systems need to be in full working order, and when you go for a viewing, this test should be high on the checklist. If the home you want has ticked all other boxes, but before you sign on the dotted line you’d rather make sure that all is well under the paint and wallpaper, hire someone for an expert real estate inspection. The heating and cooling system will be checked regarding the piping, electrical hardware, and software that commands this function, and that no leaks are occurring as water moves around the home for the central heating.

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