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When someone falls sick in the family, I panic a lot. It could be the trauma that I’ve had with my dad during and after his passing, and I have this notion that I am at fault since I am the one around them. One way or another, I am the one responsible.

Just last month, I had to rush my daughters to the hospital on different days. Thank God I can drive now! As usual, my youngest suffered from viral fever and asthma, but this time with rashes all over her body and face, while my eldest had an accident while on her roller blades.

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Bataan-Zambales Cactus & Succulent Hobbyists Seminar in Orani, Bataan

Last January 29, 2017, Bataan-Zambales Cactus & Succulent Hobbyists 2nd Seminar with Sir Lino Rom, President of Cactus & Succulent Society of the Philippines, Inc. (CSSPI) was held in Orani, Bataan.

There were about 35 attendees, and 5 (of us) were from Zambales, my mom, aunt, 2 friends, and myself. Mom & I missed the first seminar with Sir Lino held last October because of the unfortunate event in the family that time. 

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Make your own dishgarden affordably

Since the day I started collecting cacti and succulents, I felt the want to make my own dishgarden. But the problem is there are no available materials and supplies in my area, or at least nearby. If there are, it’ll cost me an arm to finish one dish.

When my daughter had a scrapbook project in school, I had no choice but to buy materials even if they are a little costly. I just made sure that the left overs won’t go to waste.

I used a clay jarlet for the fairy house, placed upside down. Roof was made of small garden stones stuck on a cardboard. 

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How to remove scales on cactus

I had this Cereus specie for about 8 months now but I noticed attack of scales few months later that almost covered its whole body. Below photo was taken days later after I have acquired it from my Aunt’s neighbor in San Antonio, Zambales.

Few months later, it started accumulating scales

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5 Signs of Pest Infestations in Your Home

termite-treatment-types-in-arizonaAs the temperature starts to drop and summer transitions to fall, some homeowners may begin to experience problems with pest infestations. Other than witnessing a pest run across your kitchen floor with your own eyes, there are additional signs that you may have a problem with bugs or rodents. If you notice any signs of problem pests, it’s best to get help from a professional. Here are some clues that you may possibly have a pest infestation in your home.

1. Droppings
One of the biggest clues that there may be a pest infestation is what is left behind, their droppings. Mouse droppings are small, dark pellets and can be found in hidden spots such as on the inside of drawers, behind appliances, and in basement crawl spaces. Roach droppings look similar to coffee grounds, and they may be visible inside of drawers or along cabinet interiors. If you have a larger pest, such as a squirrel, droppings may be a little larger. It’s best to take the necessary safety precautions in order to clean up larger pest droppings. 

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