(Non) Sleeping Beauty: Reducing That Tired Look

A recent study showed that people who get less sleep are viewed as being less attractive! Talk about getting some beauty sleep! But while there’s nothing we can do about what other people think of us, we can feel a lot better about ourselves. There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing a tired, groggy version of yourself. Whether you’ve got children and you’re awake all night, or you have a job that demands you work at least 50 hours per week, the stresses of life will show up in your face and under your eyes. So, what can we do to get rid of that tired look?


If You Have Puffy Eyes… Puffy eyes are usually the result of excess fluid, which can be caused by excess sodium, and when you’re premenstrual, the fluids can increase even more, especially when you’re tired, or you’re stressed. So it’s time to get into the habit of massaging your eye bags every day with an eye cream, or with a specialized eye serum for wrinkles to give you a bit of a head start. You can chill some in the fridge overnight and put it on in the morning. The coolness with do your eye bags a world of good, but the massaging action will also help to reduce the swelling of any tissue under the eye. The temptation to apply lots of dark eye makeup and concealer is always an obvious one, but that will make you look worse. Instead, curl your lashes and just put on two coats of mascara. Go for a volumizing kind. Another long-term option is to go for an eye-cream that has caffeine and apply it just before bed. If it doesn’t sound too strange, you can tape your eyes up, which doesn’t cost anything; and it does wonders in keeping fluids at bay while compressing blood vessels. 

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Appetite Suppressant Supplements

In the world of fitness and weight loss there are many different types of supplements that can help you reach your goals. You have fat burners, weight gainers, protein powder, pre-workouts, BCAAs, etc. One supplement that can aid in weight loss is an appetite suppressant.

Since weight gain is caused by a caloric surplus and weight maintenance is caused by no surplus or deficit, you must eat less in order to lose weight. That’s why controlling your appetite is important so you don’t binge eat and end up in a caloric surplus. Read full article here.

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Here’s How This Couple Flew Around the World in a Private Bed Using Airline Miles

This is a guest post:

All I wanted was to know the answer to one really simple question that most of us have probably thought ourselves at one time or another: How many points does it take to fly for free in first class?

I had never been all that into collecting flying points, nor did I particularly know what that even meant. But I would watch people board first class on the flights I rode coach and I would feel a small sense of envy. I wanted to do that, too, and I wanted to do it for free.

This curiosity led me to a simple Google search. Since that Google search, my wife and I have flown around the world 6 times in some of the most amazing cabins the sky has to offer.

The best part? I did it for free.

The single best first class experience I have ever encountered is with Singapore Airlines. Their Suites class, which can run you around $9,000, will cost you only $500 out of pocket if you save your flying miles like I do.

We are going to focus on Singapore for a number of reasons — though the main one is that few others compare. Not only do Suites customers receive complimentary Givenchy pajamas, but you’ll be sipping some of the finest champagne that the world has to offer before your flight even takes off. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A First Pet For Your Kids

Every parent faces the dilemma of getting a pet for their child or children at some stage. Little ones can be very persuasive! If they have worn you down and you have agreed that an animal friend is going to join your household, all that’s left to do is choose what type! Here are some ideas.

Dogs are a kid’s best friend A dog is a lovely addition to any household. Your child will love having a pal to romp around with and to help them cause mischief. Children who like to develop strong bonds will do very well with a dog in the family. They are also great for teens who feel that no-one understands them. The relationship with a dog is very deep and intense and they literally become a member of the family.

The downside is that dogs require a lot of care. You cannot rely on younger children to take them for walks because this is a big responsibility. You have to choose a dog with the right temperament for your family and you cannot leave them alone with babies and very young children. If you intend taking your pet on holiday with you, it will limit where you can go.

Goldfish are a good place to start Goldfish are ideal for kids who have never had a pet before and are considered an idea starter-pet. You can let them look at goldfish for sale and they can choose one that they like the look of. There will be very little effort required to look after them and you can leave them alone in the house (or garden pond) without worrying that they will wreck the house. The problem is that you get little in the way of companionship and they have a short life expectancy so this will not be a very long-term relationship.

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Take Back Your Body Confidence Today

As women we go through phases of gaining a bunch of confidence and then losing it completely. It’s definitely not a good feeling when your self-esteem gets shattered. But there are ways to keep your chin up, and stand tall – while really believing it. Woman of today’s society have it hard. We’re constantly criticized for the way we dress, to the way we act, and even the way we speak! Although it’s hard not to let it affect you – it can be done. Here’s how to get your body confidence back for good.

Lose weight There are many different ways you can lose weight, whether that be done through diet and exercise or the new crazes like CoolSculpting and Laser Lipo.

Whatever route you take to getting the body you desire, it’s important to do so in a healthy manner. It’s no good starving yourself to lose weight. You would be causing serious damage to your body, and the weight wouldn’t stay off anyway because your body needs to eat eventually, and when you do – you’ll just gain the weight back on. 

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