Body After Childbirth: Learn To Feel Beautiful Again

Pregnancy and childbirth brings us our baby, and we will forever be grateful for that. But while it brings this wonderful human being into the world, it can bring lots of discomfort when it comes to our body. In fact, a lot of people suffer from problems like back pain and hair loss after experiencing pregnancy and birth. And not only this, but it can also leave us dissatisfied with our body. After all, we miss our pre-pregnancy body. However, it doesn’t have to be the case that you experience body anxiety. Here are some ways you can learn to feel beautiful again after childbirth.

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How Does Weight Affect Fertility?

As most of us know, our weight affects just about everything about our health, and that definitely refers to fertility as well. Hormones are one of the main things when it comes to trying to conceive, and being overweight or underweight can definitely throw those hormones out of balance. Hormones help with everything including ovulation, fertilization, and all aspects of fertility, so keeping them in balance is huge. Being overweight can help your body produce too much estrogen, and can affect ovulation. Being overweight also increases your risk of PCOS which can shut down ovulation. 

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Quality Time on a Walk with Your Kids

What a great feeling to know that fellow moms from other countries also read and follow my blog! Best part of it, we all share the same thoughts (Well, I guess, all moms do!). In return, I did a collaboration with some of them and here’s one of those who have already shared interest in guest posting. Read on…


Exercise and Your Kids. Exercise is an important activity for children to engage in, but you can make it more fun by joining them. Children will often reiterate what they see their parents doing, so exercise is a healthy activity to repeat.

Maybe you already talk your kids on a walk, but is the time you are spending with them quality time? Do you feel rushed on the walk or like you have no time? If so, I have got 6 simple ways to improve the quality of your walk with your children. 

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Ways to Find Balance for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs)

Although working from home is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far, I still have this thought at times that what if I unintentionally neglect my most important role in life – being a “mom” to my children. Being visible is not just it. Yes, they see me seated on my chair as soon as they come home from school, but there are times that I couldn’t keep up with what they really need from me. Guess, I’m just lucky to have a house helper around to assist me, but there will always be things that only a mom can and must handle, personally.

Some days, I feel like things are working the way I like it. I get to spend time with my children on weekends, and in between my working hours when they need assistance on their homework. On other days, I feel like quitting and just be a SAHM, focusing on household chores, school events and the likes.

I’ve been an on and off WAHM for over 9 years now and finally settled to being one again, just this year. I still remember vividly when my brother

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Things that bring smile on a mother’s face

Parenting is the most exciting phase for a woman, don’t you all agree? After marriage, the next higher love that is sought by a woman is in her own child. The amazing feeling of conceiving a baby to actually having it born before you is even more beautiful.

This is an endless journey as a mother’s duty towards her child begins ideally from his/her introduction to the world and proceeds for many! Not withstanding, when you are grown up, your mother does not stop from dealing with you in each and every angle well, that is how mothers are! Your mother would do anything just to see you develop sound, shrewd and jolly. She would bear a wide range of torments without grumbling even a bit to have the capacity to bring and see a grin on her kid’s face. 

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