Invisible Money Saving Challenge

I suck at money saving practices, and my husband knows that very well. I tend to splurge on things that we don’t need at times, then later on realize the bad effect that it brings to our monthly budget.

Just last month, I started on this Invisible Money Challenge after I saw a post online about the girl who managed to save Php42,000. The drill was she treated all the 50s as invisible and kept them safely.

I just feel that 50s would be a big challenge for me so I started with 10s and 5s only. Every grocery and market trips, I end up having bunch of coins, and keeping them in a coin purse makes my hand bag a lot heavier. So I thought this will be a good start for this money challenge. Just in time, I saw a cute coin bank in LPG shape in one of the coffee shops we visited last month. So there, immediately, the challenge began… 

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Entrusting success to a reliable Broker

There are numerous facts to consider prior to choosing a broker, and this is definitely the most critical fact for a thriving start.

Choosing a Forexbroker with the maximum bonus doesn’t guarantee success. A decent Forex broker, on the other hand, is what mostly many prefer. It also provides some great promotions that compensate for trading.

In conclusion, you need to always select a regulated broker. A dependable broker should provide you with the chance to trade 24 hours per day, and to offer you accessibility to all the essential Forex trading markets on the planet, from Tokyo to London and New York.

By abiding with all those exact straightforward instruction, you are going to receive a dependable forex broker. A number of the top Forex brokers are ready to provide a selection of assets for trading with the extensive spectrum encompassing commodities, energy goods, precious metals and indices in addition to traditional stocks.

A reliable and good broker provides lots of promotions and these promotions are likely to enable you to reach your live trading objectives. Ultimately, learn what sorts of brokers exist too. Selecting the best broker for trading forex is among the most essential decisions which you can make when entering this financial market. Therefore,it is highly suggested taking a good look at reviews available online.

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Reconsidering of working from home

12167096_10154264152229307_460086925_nAfter I’ve left my online teaching job, I guess I have rested enough already and now reconsidering of working from home for the nth time. Anyway, both the girls spend 7 hours in school, from Mondays to Fridays. That clearly justifies that I have plenty of time to do so.

Having said that, I have already updated my resume and done necessary updates on Dropbox, and online job seeker profiles, which I have created back in 2008. That’s quite outdated, I know.

Time is gold. Every minute counts. Therefore, I have also submitted a couple of applications before this blog posting could happen and now awaiting responses.

*Fingers crossed* I really look forward to receiving good news within next week. Yeah, that’s how positive it should be.

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Make Money with Link Vehicle

Aside from online teaching, one of my online income resources is Link Vehicle. I have been with their program for quite a while now and earned a decent amount enough to make the ends meet.

Link Vehicle works like any other blog marketing programs i.e.where Publishers and Advertisers are involved but mostly pre-written articles are provided. LinkVehicle reviews every site submitted and is committed to providing our advertisers with quality. To ensure quality, there are specific requirements a site must pass in order to be placed in their marketplace.

Once you have completed the registration form, you can submit your website and multiple pages from your dashboard. There is no limit to the number of websites you can submit; however, the websites submitted must meet our requirements before being accepted, and just recently they announced the need of fresh blogs. 

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Choosing between career and family

It’s tough to make a decision between continuing a career and staying at home when a child is born. There are lots of guilt issues to deal with no matter which choice was made, not to mention the financial roller coaster a family rides with the birth of a baby. Especially, considering the love and joy a child brings into a home, a mother would usually rather stay and play with them instead of going to work.

Why choose when you can do both? Fortunately, there can be balance between family and career. Many employers these days offer home-based jobs with flex time or shared job options. These types of jobs can keep a mother working, offering a big boost to the family’s income and eliminating the guilt from not bringing in any of the household money. Another bonus is that moms still get to spend quite a bit of quality time with their kids, teaching them, loving them, and growing with them.

If these options are not for you,

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