Euky Bear Blitz Nitz perfect for Summer + Giveaway to 3 lucky readers and followers

Summer has no doubt kicked in! This is the season which most of us look forward to, so as the nits and lice! The frequency of head lice increases in the warm months. Whether we like it or not, our kids might be one of those who will have these disgusting little creatures, that could annoy and kill the fun!! EukyBear has this line of lice solution products “Euky Bear Blitz Nitz” released which is perfect for summer!

My kids, who are actively into playing outdoors these days, are mostly prone to getting nits and lice, of which we cannot control unless preventive measures are taken.

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Online Wholesale Apparel

Every now and then, we come across reports in the news or social media of unsuspecting people being cheated of their hard earned money just because they wanted to make some extra money from a get-rich scheme. I am sure we all desire for some extra money to help us through in times of need when we have to settle unexpected bills incurred through times of emergency e.g. hospital and medical bills, dental bills, car workshop bills, etc.

There are many ways to earn extra money. Some hold a part-time job after their normal office hours, some go for part-time job working Saturdays and Sundays. Others may register as direct sellers selling all kinds of products ranging from health products to kitchenware or household products. There are others who sell insurances. 

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Help the whole family breathe easy with EukyBear Sniffly Nose Room Spray + GIVEAWAY

When someone falls sick in the family, I panic a lot. It could be the trauma that I’ve had with my dad during and after his passing, and I have this notion that I am at fault since I am the one around them. One way or another, I am the one responsible.

Just last month, I had to rush my daughters to the hospital on different days. Thank God I can drive now! As usual, my youngest suffered from viral fever and asthma, but this time with rashes all over her body and face, while my eldest had an accident while on her roller blades.

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Be a head turner in MUEE glamorous wedding dresses

Whether you would go for an elegant, modern or vintage wedding, the dress itself will always matter and even compliment your total look. Aside from having hair and make-up rehearsals before your big day, every bride would want to picture how they’d look like once the dress is worn.

Brides-to be of this generation are the luckiest, I guess. Over hundreds of wedding dresses choices can now be personally picked and purchased from online shops, from cheap wedding dresses down to lace wedding dresses. The best part is that price ranges are also given allowing the couple to manage and even stretch their allotted budget.

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Shop and save money with Groupons!

***This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Since the day I became a parent, I learned to weigh things each time I shop. But “savings” wasn’t still into me. I shop when I have money in hand even if it’s not that important. Until such time when we became a family of four. That’s when I thoroughly looked at the difference between a want and a need. But you know what, you don’t have to be hard on yourself. You can still shop the things you “want”. Thanks to Groupon Coupons! With these, you can still save a lot of money without breaking what you have in hand that are already allotted to your needs. It helps you  find coupons that work and are verified from various sellers and retailers. In fact, you can also when dining to restaurants, while traveling,  and many other things.

Searching for coupons is as easy as 1-2-3! At this moment, I am itching to grab the Victoria’s Secret Groupon Coupons. 60% off is a huge savings, can you believe it??!? I have always been a VS user and I cannot leave the house without applying one of my VS scents. Not only that, there are so many coupons available of different brands like Kohl’s, Best Buy, Target, JC Penny, Adidas, and a lot more. 

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