Pasko Sa Agosto 2017

August has never been amazing since we launched the giveaway caravan “Pasko sa Agosto” among fellow mommy bloggers in 2013.

It’s that time of the year again where in some of my fellow mommy bloggers collaborated and are feeling generous in giving away the things that we love, but this time we will keep the mechanics easier. You don’t need to be a blogger in able to join and win. If you want to win Love Naturals by LyCo, please read on: 

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Love Naturals by LyCo

As much as I want to try the trending and available health & beauty products promoted and sold online, I always have second thoughts unless they are all naturals, and organic, then I am all for it.

Just when I’m about to purchase mentholated balm from the local drugstore, a package from LyCo arrived! Guess what?? It included a mentholated balm inside a curated pouch perfect for whatever pains that have got into my system lately, hahaha! Yeah, tell me about it! This is one thing I can no longer deny the day I turned 40! Anyway, let’s just go through the pouch and forget about what I said…

Don’t you just love the message “Be Kind“, simple but meaningful and will definitely touch anyone’s heart. Inside it were Love Naturals products with some more surprises

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Another pack of surprises from To Save

I would always say “I must have done something good in the past months to be showered with the things I love so much these past days“. I received another pack of surprises from To Save after purchasing a couple of items from their online shop in the past. is an online e-commerce company offering multiple categories of products including consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPhone accessories, flashlight and communications products in stock with unbeatable prices and ready to ship at lighting speed. When you purchase from them, you can get more 10-70% off than other websites.

These were the items that I received two weeks ago:

Leather Band Women’s Wrist Watch. I am not really fond of watches but this one’s simplicity appealed to me. Its casual look would definitely work with my usual outfit, jeans/shorts and shirts, very well.

Charming Love Heart Pendant Necklace. I have this fondness of heart pendants,

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Monday surprises

You know that feeling when you get surprised on a Monday morning and received the things you love so much? I do. Le’Drea Bags brought me surprises last Monday and came in a package.

It felt like I did some good deeds in the past months to be rewarded with these gorgeous bags! Let’s go through it one by one…

BELLE (Plain) retailed at Php700 each. Belle Plain is available in 3  colors: Black, Light Gray, and Navy Blue. 

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Le’Drea bags are love!

My newest favorite local brand for bags, Le’Drea Bags!! I always have this second thought when purchasing bags online. They can be deceiving at times, and not to forget the cost of each bag plus the SF to get to your place. I’m surprised that they cater wholesale prices to non-sellers at 50% off for a minimum of 3pcs per transaction. So there, grabbed the chance and enjoyed 50% off of these 4 items.

I got two for me (the first two), 1 for mom Francia Naval Cortez (cream) and 1 for Ate Rosemarie Tating (grey sling). Not bad for Php680-Php700 (before discount) each. Good quality and a very accommodating seller. 

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