Musically inclined

Not to just brag about it, but everyone in the family is musically inclined. We could hit high notes and still not miss it. I remember, I also started singing very young. I may not be a professional and the best singer, but I am confident enough to say that yes, I can sing haha!

When I was 6, my dad, who was an OFW that time bought me the coolest karaoke, that was almost my height. It comes with a cabled microphone, and two built-in cassette tape slots, where you can record while you sing along with your favorite songs. There were also knobs that allow you to mix a and set effects while you sing, and another knob to set it to a multiplex feature.

Millenials may no longer know what multiplexing means and is all about. Multiplexing (sometimes contracted to muxing) is a method by which multiple analog or digital signals are combined into one signal over a shared medium.

If I remember it right, if you turn the knob to the left, the vocals of the song go off, and when turned to the right, the vocals appear again and lets you listen to it as your guide till you master the song.

Recalling those days, I would love to have one again, and then sing with my girls like there’s no tomorrow haha! I’m sure if I look for it in some vintage stores, I’d still find one.

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Things that bring smile on a mother’s face

Parenting is the most exciting phase for a woman, don’t you all agree? After marriage, the next higher love that is sought by a woman is in her own child. The amazing feeling of conceiving a baby to actually having it born before you is even more beautiful.

This is an endless journey as a mother’s duty towards her child begins ideally from his/her introduction to the world and proceeds for many! Not withstanding, when you are grown up, your mother does not stop from dealing with you in each and every angle well, that is how mothers are! Your mother would do anything just to see you develop sound, shrewd and jolly. She would bear a wide range of torments without grumbling even a bit to have the capacity to bring and see a grin on her kid’s face. 

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Working from home with a sick child

When you work in a corporate world, and your child is sick, working from home for the time being can be considered but for how long, you don’t know. Ideally, it doesn’t work that way. You just got to deal with it by the time you are finally back to work, physically. Been there a lot. To those who have followed how my youngest daughter would often fall sick knew very well how I struggled with absences and keeping up with the office works. I knew from my heart that there were times when my co-workers would roll their eyes because I had to take another sick day with my daughter.

If you are a mom, you know very well how difficult it could get when dealing with a sick child. Either way, working from home or from the office are both the same. Let’s then list down the advantages and disadvantages when dealing with and caring for a sick child

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Truly blessed

I must have done something really good in the past that I have been blessed with intelligent and talented daughters. Parental guidance could be a part of their achievements but I’d like to believe and credit everything to Him for recognizing all my sacrifices and life struggles. I am sure that whatever I have right now is all a part of His rewards for being His good daughter. I also thank Him for putting me to tests and being able to not give up.

Last Friday, 27th January, my 7 y/o daughter, Ishi, has again took part in their school’s Academic Battle of Excellence. She participated in 3 subjects for Grade 1 Level and placed:

Champion: English/Grammar/Literature
2nd Place: Filipino
2nd Place: Spelling

Academic Battle of Excellence is their school’s annual event where the 4 campuses of College of Subic Montessori take part:

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My Birthday Girls

Seems like yesterday when I first held them in my arms. Both have grown up to be smart and beautiful. Next thing I’ll know, they’ll have their own choices and peer groups, not wanting me at their side anymore.

The girls were born 5 days apart, Ishi was born on January 18 while my eldest, Deye, was born on January 23. No big parties this time as both had different wants, plus it’s not appropriate to hold parties until my dad completes his first death anniversary.

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