Important Considerations for Raising a Kid Around Modern Technology

Being a parent can feel a bit tough nowadays with the extra burden of technology looming over your shoulders. A kid can just pick up a tablet and get online, instantly able to interact with numerous people and their creations. And while this can certainly be a great thing when the child has proper mentoring on how to use it all, leaving a young one unattended for too long can have disastrous results. It’s important to know what you should be prepared for, and how to deal with the common issues that you’re going to face.

Social Media and Online Interactions Your kids will be able to connect to multiple people with great ease, and that’s a fact you’ll have to get used to as early as possible. You won’t be able to stop those communications from occurring, but what you can do is teach your kids about the dangers of sharing too much with people online. We’re raising a generation of kids that see no issue with spreading their real name, address and other data all over the Internet, and this is a ticking time bomb that can lead to some serious problems in the very near future.

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How to Turn Your DIY Habit into a Marketable Enterprise

The Do-It-Yourself and Fix-It cultures have become entire industries on their own. People can not only find online fame from doing what they love, they can even turn it into an income. Turning your DIY habit into a marketable enterprise, however, requires a bit of foresight, and work, but it can be done.

Each DIY artist is unique, and you can either sell your creations, or you can make money from tutorials. There are so many ways for you to either make a second income, or to make it big by following this guide

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4 Tech Innovations You and Your Home Need


When it comes to home improvements, most of us tend to think along the lines of the overall look. It’s about where we arrange the furniture, the color schemes we select, the debates over laminate versus wood flooring. These are the changes we make; to the material, physical items.

As important as those changes are, there have been innovations over the past decade that could change how our home works. It’s undeniably a part of home improvement nowadays, as technology advances from our workspace and into our home life.

If you’re not the kind to always be up-to-date with the latest in at-home technology, then you might be missing out on some inventions that could make your life easier. While we may be awhile away from the fully functioning robot butler who does every DIY task for us, there’s no doubt that we’re getting a few steps closer. 

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Flatlay Photography Tips

If you have been on in Instagram regularly or even just a lurker, you probably know and noticed what flatlay means/is. According to Weekend Notes, “flatlay is a picture of items or things taken from the top so as to give an impression of them laying flat on the ground.” I’ve seen a lot of photos taken this way on Instagram and mostly are make-ups, and their outfits for the day.

Being always curious that I am, I tried a couple and found it enjoyably challenging.

With just three (3) items to lay on your background, it’s easier but when I tried doing it with more than three (3) items, I had to do and rearranged them a couple of times till it looked better, at least for me. 

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A simple guide to becoming a Virtual Assistant

The most frequently asked question when someone wants to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) is “How do I become one?”

Simple. You need to have a personal computer and an Internet connection. Okay, that’s too obvious. There are important points that you need to take note of in able for you to bring it  to the next level, such as:

Know the legit online sites that offer home-based jobs. To name a few are:

Of course, you got to know and identify what and where you are good at. The rest follows. If you are lucky enough, your client/Employer will train you. Otherwise, Google and YouTube are there to help you.

Offline or online, home-based or office-based, having a comfortable work place is very important. What more if you are able to enjoy the biggest advantage of working from home with the flexible hours. Just make sure that your working corner is convenient for work. Working in bed is okay but I don’t see it ideal because it makes me feel sleepy, making me doze off and leave the works that I still have to complete.

In my case, I have a working corner next to the bedroom, with proper computer table and office chair, set-up with a night lamp since I mostly  blog and do other tasks at night when the kids are asleep. 

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