CIB: Ralph Sunglasses

As much as I want to wear a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from a strong sunlight, I just couldn’t.  With an eye grade of 500-475, there’s no way I could see without my eyeglasses on, unless I will wear a pair of contact lens which I couldn’t bear for a longer period. That’s why this pair of Ralph shades that my bestfriend gave me is just kept nicely is my closet waiting till I I find myself in the mood again to wear contact lens.

Ralph Sunglasses

But then I am thinking of buying a transition lenses for my eyeglasses, so I won’t need a pair of shades at all.

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  1. me, too!!! i would love to wear sunglasses kaya lang i won’t see a thing na unless, like you said, we shift to wearing contact lens. yay! care to undergo laser eye surgery? for me, not now, hehe!


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