Conversations With Teacher Kathy

Conversation I

Teacher Kathy asked everyone about the songs that the kids know… My daughter answered quickly:

Deye : Twinkle po….

Teacher : Okay, let’s sing Twinkle Twinkle * children singing along with the teacher* Once again asked everyone the same question…

And it was my daughter who answered again….

Deye : Baba Black Sheep!!! *this time with a much hyper tone*

After singing the song, Teacher Kathy asked Deye:

Teacher : Deye, what else do you know?

Deye rolled her eyes and said:

Deye : Hmmmm…. Santino!!!!! *she actually meant the teleserye theme song “May Bukas Pa”


Conversation II

Kids were asked to write their names (whoever knows how) and different shapes as well.

Teacher : Do you know how to write your name?

Deye : Opo *started writing her name*

Teacher : Very good. Now let’s draw the shapes…. *teacher instructed her to follow what she draws*

And when she was able to do it, she then told Teacher Kathy….

Deye : Teacher,¬† you know you know, my teacher will give me stars….

LOL! That reminded the teacher that they needed to give  stars hahaha!

I so loved the first day experience in school!

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  1. Naman! Napaghalata tuloy na nanonood sya haha!

    Eh kasi lagi ko sabi sa kanya if she does good in school teacher will give her stars kaya natanim sa utak nya. Siguro sabi nya teka I finished everything bakit wala pang star? Haha!


  2. Hindi sis, paikot yung tables and chairs nila kaso nagmamagaling haha! Panay ang daldal.

    Hay naku my cam acted up nga, walang nasaved sa mem card kahit isa haaay!


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