Expenses went overhead

Due to the recent travel we made last month, and the extra expenses that went overhead, I can’t seem to budget whatever cash I have on hand this month. Plus the fact that blogging these days has become more competitive, making it hard for me to grab opps online. The DAs that brought me $$$ months ago decided not to renew their ads on my blogs making my PayPal zero.

Good thing that I can ask for extra from my husband anytime teehee! This is the advantage when both husband and wife are earning. However, I don’t make it a habit. In fact, I was the one who set the amount of money that he sends every month. That way, he can save and deposit cash to the girls’ bank account.

This is the reason why I am saving up slowly the traditional way, at least to cover the gifts that I am going to give to my Godchildren this coming Christmas.

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  1. I am fond of saving up the traditional way. Each year i keep a separate coin bank for Christmas gift-buying purposes alone. Medyo marami-rami na nga pagbibigyan this time kaya medyo dinodoble ko din ang deposit 😀


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