Flood Preparation Helpful Tips

Weather can be deceiving. One minute sun is up and the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs. Before flood hits your place, here are some helpful tips that you may want to consider:

  • Gather important papers and belongings i.e. property title, IDs, passports.
  • Have your emergency kit ready filled with flashlight, a battery operated radio, spare batteries, candles, matches, medicines, towelettes, etc. Even if you never experience flood before, it won’t hurt to keep one ready.
  • Fill up your cupboards with ready to eat food i.e. canned goods, cupcakes, biscuits, even bottled water will somehow help if food is no longer available.
  • Write down emergency contacts in case your mobile phones go off. When using multiple mobile phones, do not use all at the same time so you have spare in case the other one goes off.

The above are way too basic but we often forget and do not pay much attention just because we always think it will spare us.

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  1. These are really very helpful tips, Mitch, especially now that rainy season’s unleashing its fury again. And you’re right, the most basic ones are the ones that get overlooked sometimes. Stay safe, girl!


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