For Dada On Christmas Day

tacticalSince I’m not very good in choosing gifts for men, what I always do is ask the person receiving it on what he prefers to have, in any occasion. Christmas is nearing and few days after that, we’d soon be together again for a couple of weeks (at least that happens twice a year, not bad at all!). So I thought handing over the gift to him personally is a good idea, that way we could still feel the spirit of gift giving on Christmas day, even if it is done a little later. When I sent him the URL of 511 Tactical, I knew what he was going to choose. But then, I wanted him to personally choose what he feels is nice and suitable for him.

One good thing about my husband is he never asks for expensive stuff. He doesn’t care. And he wouldn’t mind even if it was bought along the sidewalk. I was right. He chose this pair of eyewear which isn’t bad at all, at least he can use it while at work. His work requires a lot of field work under the sun. In fact the last time someone came home, I also sent him a pair.

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  1. Same here with me.. I kept asking my husband what does he wants for Christmas, but he also keeps telling me, “anything…i’m not picky” For him, as long as it’s heatfully given, he’s always thankful.

    Thank you so much btw for your warm thoughts and sympathy. We appreciate it.

    a fil-am journey’s last blog post..REMEMBERING MOM


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