Going Imeldific

I didn’t realize I have already accumulated numbers of shoes this year. The pairs that you see from the 3rd layer down are all mine, bought this year while the 1st two layers are the pairs that Deye frequents.

Bunso’s pairs are all kept in the box cause when she sees them, she won’t stop wearing them on. Even the newest pair of rubber shoes that Deye recently got is also kept in its box teehee!

We have another shoe rack placed by the terrace. Most of the pairs belong to Deye. I could imagine the amount of shoes stacked in our house in the next few years. Oh! That also goes for bags, make ups and accessories!


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  1. kaya, it’s no big deal for me if Imelda had so much shoes.. kung tayo nga na ordinary citizens meron marami, siya pa kaya.. And I am sure yung ibang politicians meron din marami, di lang nila sinasabi.. I am not pro Marcos, pero sobra naman yung iba makapagsalita, kala walang mga “baho”, meron din naman.. hehehe.. sori ha, shoes lang eh, napunta na kung saan.. ganyan din kami dito sa house.. and if we accumulate everything, my gulay.. they will take up space..


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