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This was how my conversation with my daughter went last night:

Me : Please Derelle…. go to sleep now. Mama has to work.

Deye : I will watch you lang.

Me : Okay, but you have to behave and should not touch anything.

Deye : Opo.

Few minutes later, her hands were slowly touching the keyboard….

Me : What did I just tell you? Don’t touch please? Do you understand? Or not?

Deye : *Looking at me – frowning*

So I thought, talking to her in that manner at that moment won’t work. I thought of something else. I remember when I went to Manila last Saturday, she was asking for a dress and pair of shoes. I managed to get her a dress but not the shoes. So I told her 

Me : You want shoes di ba? Let Mama work so Mama will have money then I can get you a nice cute pair of shoes.

Deye : Dada will give you money na lang….

LOL! You have a point there! Hahaha! I’ll let Dada know about this haha!

In short, she won! I just ignored her and few minutes later, she fell asleep.

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