Green Living Monday: Kamias

Kamias or Camias Ginger Lily in English is a sour fruit bore by a small tropical tree that  grows up to 15 to 30 feet in height. Many Filipinos including me cook Paksiw with this fruit or preserve them like pickles.


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  1. believe me am drooling! grabe laway ko. hehehehee ma imagine ko ang asim.

    like ko medyo ripe nito tapos saw saw sa asin..mas better pa kesa manggang hilaw. hehehee

    mine is up, sis!


  2. Waaaaaah tuloy-laway ko dito! Ang hirap nito! Hahaha. I love kamias! In Visayan, we call that Iba. We have a tree of that before when I was young and oh man, I can’t even finish my thoughts because of these drools! Lol. Grabeeeee! Hahaha.

    I do have GREEN SCENES TAKEN IN MOTION when we drove to Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. You might want to take a look at my captures! See you! 🙂


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