Happy Birthday, Dada!

I woke up at 6am to call my husband and greet him a happy bday, as I was talking to him, Deye moved, with her eyes closed still but when I said “Anak, it’s Dada’s birthday today”, she immediately said in her loud voice “Happy birthday, Dada!”.

I laughed. She was still half asleep but greeted him nicely. Few minutes later, she remembered that today is our date with Jollibee. Good thing  I was able to convince her not to go anymore because of the bad weather Santi has brought us today.

Conversation went on…

Deye : Mama, Lolo’s bday is next di ba? Then, it’s my birthday then Hardee will come out na.

Me : Opo. (That’s how I explained her coz she would always ask when her little sister will come out)

Deye : When Hardee comes out, yun ba yung bday nya?

Me : Yeah, that will be her bday, just like you you have your own birthday.

Deye : Eh di layo layo layo pa yun?

Me : Opo, malayo pa, we have to wait for another year before we can blow her cake for her bday.

Deye : Ahhhh! Eh di we will ride a tricycle na lang becoz becoz it’s malayo.

LOL! Hahaha!

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