Helping in the kitchen

deyeRecently, I noticed Deye’s interest in cooking. Everytime I am in the kitchen she would come and check out what I am preparing. Though sometimes her intention is just to play, I  give in. Like the other day, I bought things for Ginatang Halo-halo and she saw me doing the bilo-bilo. In the eyes of a child, it involves playing as I roll the galapong in my palm. She asked me if she could do it, again I gave in.

As you can see in the photo, she was so engrossed with what she was doing. Not so perfect sizes but good enough for a 5 year old to do that.

I just hope that she’d grow up to be a good cook, unlike me. I can’t even cook rice without a rice cooker and even with a rice cooker, I often forget to push the button haha! Okay, enough! Enough of pulling my own leg. Now let me get some serious tasks done, I still have a lot in my list including the offline task that my favorite cousin has told me to check, the don tomas cigars online.

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