Homemade Pancake

Note : This is an experiment using left over sliced bread.

Ingredients :
2 pcs. Sliced Bread (leftover/made into crumbs)
1 pc. Small Egg (beaten)
160 ml. Evaporated Milk
2 tbsp. White Sugar
Butter for pan frying

1. Grind the sliced bread till made into crumbs.
2. Put in a mixing bowl.
3. Add sugar, milk and egg.
4. Mix them well till it becomes smooth.
5. In a pan, spread a small amount of butter (slow fire).
6. Pan fry the mixture.

You can actually make 5 pcs. out of the above ingredients. But I broke the other two hehehe! I’m not so good in frying hahaha!

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  1. Flattered ako. I got a nice comment from an expert. Seen your Pinoy Cook na kasi dati pa.

    Oo nga po, ingredients yan ng pudding hehehe! Kanina ko lang try kung pwede maging pancake. Okay naman so far…



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