Art is my passion > that I couldn’t deny. Since childhood I knew… ART is in my heART, it’ll always be… Aside from singing (oh well! not that super voice quality, but I can), I’ve always involved myself in creative arts. I remember joining Poster Slogan Contests in school back then. I was decided in taking up Fine Arts or Architecture in college but ended up in something else.

That doesn’t mean that I never pursued. I always did… Until now but in different way – in just some clicks…

Here are some of my creations:

Down right corner was Deye’s Christening invitation card. I made it myself and printed them out in the office hehehe! At least I bought the special papers!

I’m not only inclined in computer generated artworks but also in crafts…

That was our wedding invitation card! Cards were professionally printed out and this time we paid for them. My boss will freak out if he finds out that I had printed 200 cards in the office hahaha! But the finishing touches, I made them! Bought the raw materials and dyaraaaaaaaaan, a self-made fancy-elegant (?) wedding card…

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  1. @ SexyMom : Thanks po! πŸ™‚ Maybe wala kasi sa interes mo, your passion is writing which is also an art di ba?

    @ Cookie : Hilig ko kasi! Pero paglabahin mo ako ewan ko lang hahaha!


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