India’s Auto Rickshaw and Philippines’ Tricycle

If our beloved country has its famous local transportations – tricycle and jeepney, India has too. They call it auto rickshaw, the counterpart of our tricycle. But these two have numbers of difference. Rickshaw’s driver sits in front while ours sits on the side. Rickshaw’s color is uniform while ours varies except from my place’s. Like the typical cabs/taxis, rickshaw has a fare meter installed inside. Cool eh? Drivers can’t cheat!

See the actual difference:

These were the tricycles parked in Pampanga.

Auto rickshaw in Mumbai, India (Ooops! I almost missed the front view!)


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  1. it looks a little like the tuktuk (i dont know if it’s written like that, but it’s pronounced like that anyway) in thailand hehe…

    Sabi nga din ni Cookie “tuktuk” daw ang cute naman ng pangalan hehe!


  2. In Bangkok naman they have the “tuktuk”. We were actually warned not to ride them kasi mga balasubas daw ang mga driver. At least the “auto rickshaw” has a meter. Tama ka nga, no cheating 🙂

    At talagang nag-google ako ng “tuktuk”, kahawig nga hehe!


  3. hmmm mas feel ko sakyan ung sa atin.

    really that is the version of “tuktuk” in bkk bt di kami sumakay, if nasa india yan bakit ayaw sumakay ni nelson? hahaha! i really wanted to bt sya talaga umayaw.

    how many people can ride into that ARS? pwede ba marmi or pang private lang like the taxi?

    Two-seater yan sis!


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