Korea Electronics Show 2011

Every last quarter of the year, I start searching exhibits and conferences around SouthEast Asia and consolidating approximate expenses for the same. Yesterday, while I was looking for the next year’s events that’s going to happen around SouthEast Asia, I chanced upon Korea Electronics Show 2011.

KES 2011 is Coming Soon!

My job description in the Company where I am currently working includes handling of events in all the regions where we have offices. This is an ongoing task for me that is sometimes overwhelming. I also need to find out if the conferences I am looking at will bring benefits to the Company and not just the mere fact that we are attending or participating. At times, you’d find events online but with incomplete details. Unlike the said Korea’s biggest electronics show where details are given in their already up official website. Programme is also published publicly with details. The best part is its site can be viewed in English, Japanese and Chinese translation that makes it easier to understand to potential exhibitors and visitors. Not only that, an official Smartphone app will be released soon for KES 2011. Cool isn’t it?!

As for my understanding, KES will not only be holding an electronic expo but will also cater Government Ministries IT system solution and requirements. These meetings provide insights as to how Companies can develop or promote their products in the future as well. That’s where I come in as part of my Marketing job. KES may not be a perfect event for us as we are in Agri industry but would somehow help us improve our Marketing tools when promoting our products.

I also wish and hope that some organizing International shows would be as creative and detailed as KES.

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  1. We could truly learn a lot from the marketing strategies displayed by strong companies such as KES. I wished I had gone to such a educational event. I am curious to learn more about this company.


  2. Why can’t we do that here. We have so many brilliant IT professionals that can also do that. Our government agencies should have their representatives attend this kind of shows/events and learn from them.


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