Mama’s Night Out

It’s been a while since the last time I went out with my friends – alone. Priorities first. I couldn’t stand to go out at night and enjoy when I know that my little one will be longing for me. Besides, I’m sure my mind won’t be at peace.

Now that I have the chance, I am considering my friend Rochelle’s invitation to go with them for fishing tonight. I haven’t tried doing that anyway. Since I’m still home alone, I’ll be staying over their place until tomorrow. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun. It was always fun with her. I never had a dull moment with Rochelle. She’s still the jolly and friendly person I’ve known back home. I’m really glad that we had the chance to be together here – once again. Our friendship had gone too far already. And the friendship has deepened when we officially became kumares. You can always count on her in times of needs.

The Chelles in 2004

The Chelles in 2007

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  1. as i always said when i’m out of travel, i try to enjoy my ME time as much as i can .. moms need a break too.. now i pass that on to you. enjoy the moment!

    Right. Thanks!


  2. Hi Mitch 🙂

    Since I am not yet a mother, I really can’t say anything based on experience. But I guess as long as you get a very reliable baby sitter, everything will be fine. I do believe that mothers also need a break and what is more fun than spending that “break” with your BFF.


    We really enjoyed the night, dami namin huli isda, ay nila pala hahaha! I’ll post the photos as soon as I can.


  3. Great for you, Mitch!! You know, you should do this more often. It really helps to psych us up for the many, many, many trials of motherhood. Naks, pina-profound pa. Pero really, it’s nice to get away and enjoy once in a while. Really helps our “self-esteem” 🙂

    As much as I would love to, di ubra kasi walang magbabantay kay Deye.


  4. Hi Mitch. Glad you were able to spend quality time with an old friend. I also want to compliment you on your pretty skirt.

    Hi Rach! Yup, after a long time… Thanks, that was from India, I bought it for only RS150 = Php150. 😉


  5. wow! mama’s night out! well, you deserve that and that is one way to use your time while being alone too kasi pg balik na nila u won’t even have the thought of going night out kasi andyan ang mga babies mo. diva? this was just a great idea of yours!

    btw, check out my blog. got sth for you there. tnx.

    Kaya nga sinamantala ko na hehehe! Yung night out ko naman eh sa bahay lang din, ng friend ko nga lang hahaha! But we went out fishing, dami namin nahuli kaso di ko pa nakukuha photos.

    Saw it already, thanks ha? I’ll do that in a lil while….


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