Married but never engaged

I am one of the women who did not formally experience an engagement. My husband is not the kind of guy who would check desinger engagement ring settings. I never had that “kilig” feeling while wearing an engagement ring. My husband never popped the question “Will you marry me?”. He just plainly told me “Let’s get married” after 5 years of being in a relationship. Then the rest of the wedding plans is history.

Literally, I am married but never engaged. Not a big deal, really. Even if there was no formal Church wedding happened, I’d still be thankful. In fact, I was the one who told him that we’d better have a civil wedding when I got an offer to work in a Cruise Liner just before we reached half of our wedding preparations. Engaged or not. I am already Mrs. Carvalho. Period.

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  1. My husband is the same. Not only did he not ask me to marry him with a ring. We were on a vacation and while sunbathing on the beach, he turned around and said: “I have an idea, let this be our engagement trip.” I told him that it doesn’t count without a certain piece of jewelry, and so he went to an internet cafe, and ordered a pearl necklace from a site called because he said, that it will remind me of both the sea and the engagement. Well, he was right, and I actually think it was a cute and thoughtful gift, and different as well. We are a bit different than other couples in general.


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