Maternity Good News

Pregnancy brings happiness and excitement when it’s wanted, especially when you are close to the person expecting. Just like what I felt when I heard more than 2 good news from my close friends miles away….

Last August 16th, I blogged about my cousin’s pregnancy news. They’ve been trying to get pregnant and finally blessed after 10 long years of waiting.

On September 1st, I made another entry talking about another maternity news from my 2 old friends. One is based in Qatar who is now 3 months pregnant, while the other one based in Switzerland gave birth to a baby girl.

How can I forget that I have another friend based in London whose expected to give birth last week? And yesterday, she sent me an email saying that she gave birth to her second child last week @ 37 weeks. I was so happy to hear that she had a normal delivery, after 2 1/2 labor pain. During her pregnancy she had to go through some thorough check-ups because of some problems. She was once confined due to spotting and advised to take her maternity leave at least a month before she gives birth. Prior to this, she had a miscarriage and tried to conceive for more than 3 years, I guess.

Another friend back home feels and thinks that she is pregnant. Maybe. Maybe yes. Maybe not. We’ll come to know in another 2 weeks time.

And last but not the least…. This girl is also 4 months pregnant.

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  1. you know what.. i’ve been getting maternity news as well. one of my cousins is expecting a baby, then a couple of my friends as well. i think this year is for women who are starting to embrace motherhood 🙂

    Pansin ko din nga. 🙂


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