N!cE had once again invited me to participate with the MQW that she started in her other blog. Week 2’s question is Do you have routines for your kids? Care to share? Does it really help?

Not anymore. But I used to when I was still working. I have to…. I would normally get up at 6am, prepare her food to be taken to her Nanny’s place, her clothes and bag, give her a bath and dress her up, then only I get ready for work.

Then I get home at around 7pm, I would usually spend my time with her first, feed her, wash and change her in PJs, and put her to sleep. After that I have all the time in the world for myself and for the house chores. I am really lucky that I don’t have to take care of my hubby’s lunch and dinner. Otherwise, I would’ve gone crazy!

It has been my daily routine since my mom left back for Philippines (except for Fridays) and I did that for a year before we came back here. Now that I am a certified SAHM plus my mom is around to do the rest of the things that I used to do, everything is easy. All I need to do is look after her, if I get lucky, my mom and dad are there to do it. That is whenever I need to complete paid opps and do outside errands.

If I have to compare having a daily routine with my daughter…. it is far way better, I get to finish a lot of things in a day. Unlike now, I take things as it comes heehee! Hmmmm… I feel like I’m still on a vacation mode haha!

Mitch Carvalho

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