My First Long-Train-Travel Encounter

As I remember the last time I traveled by train once when I was just 5 or 6 years old. We were going to Bicol at that time and I hardly remember how it was and what the train exactly looked like inside.

When we planned of going to Goa, I had insisted that we should go by train but my husband was hesitant. So we first traveled by bus and it took as almost 15 hours to reach there, plus the discomfort that Derelle had – she vomitted.

While coming back, he finally agreed to travel by train. So we went to the Main Railway Station in Margao and made reservations. Unfortunately, we were not able to get seats in the First Class-Sleeper-AC Type as everything was fully booked. We were told that next time we should book our seats earlier. Okay! We didn’t have a choice but to grab the Second Class-Sleeper-Non AC Type. We had reserved 4 seats for all of us, including my in-laws who came with us.

It was okay except that it was hot and a little noisy cause most of the windows were open but at least it only took us 12 hours to reach Mumbai, and we had traveled during the day, I was able to see and capture the views that I’ve shown 2 days ago.

Here’s one of the photos I took while inside the moving train:

I know it was unsafe but for the sake of memorabilias, I will do it and I’ve done it hahaha!


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  1. you’re crazy for doing that photo, ahahaha. but girl, it was worth it as you said. hopefully di sya nakita ni deye at di nanggaya 😀

    Grabe takot na takot nga ako pero nakangiti pa din eh no? Tumakas nga kami para di humabol hahaha!


  2. Cool picture! 🙂 That’s a really daring thing to do. I can’t remember the last time I rode a “real train.” The view you see along the way must be real pretty. 🙂



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