My Talking Toddler

She really surprises me everyday with her new words.

When we went out last Friday, the moon was already up. While seated inside the car, she suddenly pointed out and said “moooooon!”.

We had to get some stuff that afternoon. We went from one shop to another. As we come in, she’d say “hi” to the sales clerk, and “babay” as we go with her hand waving. Because of that, one guy gave her Barbie wrist watch for free hahaha!

I shouldn’t be surprised actually. They say from 19 months onwards, expect that a child understands as many as 200 words, though they may only use 50-75 of them regularly. Some could say two-words together without a struggle of saying it.

I also often hear her say to her doll “sit de“, where she means “sit there“.

This morning we called home and she spoke to my brother. She calls him “papa“. While she was talking to him, she was watching Wowowee at the same time, and she kept on saying “wowowoyi” on the phone. When she got tired of talking, she suddenly said “babay“. Hahaha!

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