My working desk and the things on it

  • 2nd Princess in Sales sash wasn’t work related by the way. That’s the sash I received for the Mary Kay products I sold in the past 2 months.
  • My telephone unit which isn’tĀ unusualĀ to see it in offices, LOL!
  • Lil cow in a mini mug given to me last Christmas by Ate Hazel, an officemate.
  • Photos in frames of my kids and husband.
  • Stuffed flower given by one of my colleagues in Bahrain. If I’m not mistaken this flower is now 6 years old.
  • Nagaraya hot & spicy that keeps me going at work.
  • My computer unit, with our footprints (Derrick’s and mine) as wallpaper.
  • Coffee mug.
  • Mousepad from Artscow.
  • A certificate of attendance for Risk Management Workshop.
  • A star paper holder.
  • A token from my African colleague.
  • Pen holder sent by Derrick with fancy pens in it.
  • Fit ‘n Right which I think does not match with the Nagaraya I am munching on right now.
  • My Hello Kitty notebook.

Nothing special about my working desk but I just thought I’d share it here haha! Oh you must be wondering why my desk is paperless, it is best encouraged in the office to do everything online from filing to the smallest things. That’s why!

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