Nestle Koko Crunch Duo + Free Dancing Minions

Starting the day with a good breakfast is important for a child. It’s a great fuel for school and daily activities. But what happens when the meals that you serve does not come appealing or attractive to your child? It’s either they throw tantrums or skip meals that you cannot do anything about it.

In my case, I make sure that the breakfast I serve to my kids are attractive, too! One good example is this Nestle Koko Crunch Duo. In the eyes of a child, chocolates are love and irresistible. So imagine if you are serving more than that? Heaven!!

Nestle Koko Crunch Duo contains cereals in milk and chocolate flavor, made with the goodness of whole grain. It has dietary fibre, B Vitamins, and Iron to start the morning right.

What’s interesting in this pack is the free dancing Minion found inside.


3 in the set: Kevin, Bob and Stuart but only one comes in every pack. We got Bob so far and this only means that we need to grab two more packs and make sure that we get the other two minions.

What are you waiting for?? Grab those crazy guys partying together!

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