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Derrick asked me the other night if he could go on leave for 2 weeks with Deye. I don’t mind at all, I even suggested him that he should take at least a month, then you can call it a vacation. But then he said, 2 weeks is enough.Yesterday, he asked me again about the same thing but this time with me… He was thinking that since it’s Ramadan period, maybe I could join them even for a week. I liked the idea and it really excite me, but I doubt if boss would let me go. I just spent a month vacation 5 months ago.
Well, it’s worth a try…

This morning, boss came online, he’s still in the US on leave. I first updated him on what’s going on with the projects. Then, asked him what I had in mind. As I was explaining him, he plainly asked “dates?”. Gave him the dates blah blah blah… There was a silence for like 10 minutes and he then replied “ok”. I asked him back “ok? I can go?”, and he said “yes”. I was thankful of course with lots and lots of smileys hahaha! He said no problem but all works must be updated before I go. Deal!

So…. my fellow bloggers…. I’ll be off to India from 21 till 28th, yipeeeeeeeeeee! This is really great! It’ll be the first time that we are going out of Bahrain as a whole family. 😉 I’ll make sure we’ll have fun!

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  1. Hi Mitch. I still encountered the same problem. I refreshed it twice and finally I’m able to reach the comment page. 🙂

    Have a safe and memorable trip. Take care!


  2. Sarap naman!! Hope you have a wonderful time in India. It’s one of the countries I would like to visit someday. In the meantime, hanggang Little India lang ako 🙂


  3. @ Feng : Oo nga eh, for the first time.

    @ Cookie : Sana lang wag masyado ang ulan when we get there.

    @ Tutubi : My husband’s house is in Mumbai but probably dun kami sa province nila sa Goa, I like it better there eh!

    @ Ate Cha : Thanks!

    @ Vernaloo : He is, pag nasa mood hehe!

    @ Daszzle : Thanks! Glad you like it!


  4. india! inggit ako! sama ko! hehehe… that’s one of my dream destinations when i’m in photographer mode. take lots of pictures, mare. and enjoy!


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