Okay Okay’s 62% Off Hanging Carousel Shelf Organizer

Looking at our shoe rack gives me a headache. We have accumulated so much that it sometimes collapses. Well, having 3 girls at home explains that well. I have been looking for something that would not somehow occupy too much space. As I was browsing online, I’ve come across Okay Okay’s deals and found a solution to my headache, a Hanging Carousel Shelf Organizer that could hold up to 24 pairs of shoes with shelves in the middle that could be used for some other purpose.

The best part is that a deal with 62% off is currently on, originally valued at Php825.00 plus they accept payment via PayPal which is convenient for me.

Highlights of the item:

The Hanging Carousel 3 Shelf Organizer keeps your closet organized, its 24 pockets gives you enough and more space to store clothes, shoes, purses, sweaters, Linens, arts, crafts and even toys. The tension loop helps in retaining the shape of the organizer. It swivels around 360 degrees for easy accessibility. Smart, convenient, and versatile, this shelf organizer makes things simple.

If I get this at home, then our shoes will be prevented from falling like a fat cat yoyo.

Okay OKay Office is located at:

Fernandez Compound
Mandaluyong City 1553

Image source: http://www.okayokay.com



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  1. Wow! this is a very cool stuff! I hope I can get one of this for my own use as well. By the way, do you have any idea about weigh capacity?


  2. CUTE! I love this rack. I managed to buy a really cheap plastic rack but it did not look as nice as this one… What are the dimensions of this rack? Thanks.


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