On Going To School

Even though I plan to send my 2 year old daughter to school next year, I placed some inquiries already. It so happened that my cousin’s friend works in Subic Montessori and we were able to get the approximate tuition fee per year. She said that it’ll be around 32k plus MISC fees. I was like huwaaaaat? Are you saying that it’s almost equivalent to a freshman Nursing student’s school fees? The day I came to know about the figures I told my husband about it. And he said it’s okay. But he asked me to check the facilities myself if they have some playground equipment like slides and swings.

We feel that she’s too young to be deprived from enjoying her childhood, that’s why we prefer a school with these kind of facilities. At least even if she’s there the whole morning, she’d feel every moment she’s there. You know how kids are, as long as there are toys and other kids around them, they’ll be okay even without their mothers. Well, for a moment they will get cranky or even throw some tantrums to show that they don’t like the idea of being there, but soon they will get used to it.

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  1. Naku Mitch, I think everything is expensive! But I am sure that you also pay the safety of our kids. Better to pay for their education than paying less with less of everything.


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